This section contains a selection of videos that aid in contextualizing maquiladoras and the unstable environment they currently exist in.

The video below contextualizes Ciudad Juarez as an example of a maquiladora district.  It presents the ‘benefits’ of export-processing zones and establishes a ‘capitalist’s dream’ of Ciudad Juarez as “North America’s best kept secret.”

The Best Kept Secret in North America on YouTube

Below is a short clip from a documentary that depicts and contextualizes the working conditions of maquiladoras and how these effect the labourers.

Maquilapolis: City of Factories on YouTube.

Below are 2 video links to U.S. Broadcasters, New York Times and ABC, reporting on the violence in Ciudad Juarez.  The violence in Ciudad Juarez has engulfed the whole region and complicates the maquiladora murders and cases of the Disappeared as it establishes a more general environment of violence.

Juárez, Mexico: The Murder Beat – on YouTube

Juarez Murders Surge Up In 2009 on YouTube

Below are various videos devoted to the maquiladora murders and the Disappeared in Ciudad Juarez.  There are many more available, but this sample shows the efforts being to expose femicide, the destructive nature of NAFTA, as well as the local corruption in the maquiladora regions.

Witness – City of Lost Girls: the Juarez murders – Interview on YouTube

Maquiladora Murders: Femicides in Ciudad Juarez on YouTube

Women of Juarez on YouTube

Silent Movie (The Murder of Women in Juarez, Mexico) on YouTube