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As previously mentioned on the ‘Homepage’:

Export-processing does not solely effect Mexico. Globalization, global capitalism and its effects, including violence, injustice and disposability, are transnational phenomenon.

If you have more information regarding the ways that globalisation is expressed in any other nation, here is the spot to expand the scope of these discussions.

Maquiladoras – In your Fall fashion collection?

Rodarte’s Fall 2010 Collection, by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, was ‘inspired’ by Ciudad Juarez’s maquiladoras and the women working in them. Based on the idea of ‘sleepwalking,’ it has been said that the Mulleavy sisters were attempting to make a commentary on the harsh realities of Juarez; however, much of this is lost. The fashion […]

Made in Mexico

Type into Google ‘Made in Mexico’ and the first thing that comes up is a company that specializes in ‘Maquiladora Management Services’, or rather, in setting up factories in the maquiladora districts in Mexico. Made in Mexico Inc. Essentially, if you have the corporate funds Made in Mexico Inc. can set you up a maquiladora […]